Backyard Creation is a full service Arkansas pool builder specializing in pool construction, concrete pool renovation and spas.


Let Frank Cox Speak For Us!

At the end of last summer, my wife and I decided to build a small concrete pool off of our back patio -- the size is only 9' x 11.5' and only 4.5' deep, with benches on two sides! Lee and Sheila Woodall were great to work with; Lee worked with us on the design (it was a custom job) and it's exactly what we wanted. At only 2,300 gallons, our full-size pool heater can take it from about 65 degrees to 90 degrees in less than three hours so it's perfect all year round. I used to hate 100 degree days in the summer but now I'm looking forward to them, having a cool place to plunge. Backyard Creations' cost was very reasonable and whenever I have a question, Lee or Sheila take care of it. Highly recommended!!

Frank Cox